Web Site: Tony Taylor Art

Upon completion of his drawing and painting degree from OCAD University in Toronto, Tony went on to pursue his Masters in painting at the University of the Arts London in London, England. Taking advantage of the opportunity to learn and live in Europe, Tony traveled to a number of cities that are rich in art and political history. These experiences shaped him and the direction of his paintings; paying particular attention to how artists were responding to political concerns about elections in Dublin, corruption in Athens, and classism concerns in Berlin.

Winner of the jury prize for ‘The Art of Resistance’ at Nipissing University in 2010, Tony recently was chosen for the OCAD Award at the Artist Project 2012 and in 2011 was selected as one of the twenty ‘UNTAPPED’ artists in Canada. His paintings have generally been inspired by events portrayed in mainstream news media, but more recently have focused specifically on political events, the G Summit series, and World Economic Forums. In his opinion these events undermine democracy, disregarding any opportunity for public representation; and how this prevents meaningful change from evolving in our society.

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