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Main floor:
May 5 – 22 Jessica Thalmann & Ryan Van Der Hout: “SURFACE TENSION”
Surface Tension is an exhibition of recent photographic works by emerging Canadian artists Jessica Thalmann and Ryan Van Der Hout. The exhibition joins two bodies of work from photo-based artists who unravel conventional understandings of photographic images and their material implications. Both artists use archival documents to rethink the meaning of identity, history, memory, and loss by simultaneously defacing and exalting filmic and photographic objects. While Van Der Hout’s painterly treatment activates the surface in very different ways than Thalmann’s sculptural morphologies, both bodies of work remain linked by the thematic significance of local history.

Up Next:
May 26 – June 5 Grier Drummond: “AWT 3M1”

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