Entry Fee - OVER 9000!!!!

#Hashtag Gallery

Purchase of this item allows buyer to participate in our manga/anime open call show "OVER 9000!!!!" provided they follow the guidelines in the open call, and below:

-maximum amount of pieces per artist is 3
-maximum size in any 1 direction 24"
-artwork must be ready to hang
-artwork must be dropped off at the gallery BEFORE 8pm Sunday March 11. 
-artwork must be picked up on the last day of the show
-sales 60% to artist 40% to gallery

*Please note: we get a lot of submissions for open call shows. We do curate the show after all submissions are accepted. We put at least 1 piece per artist up, and when possible all the work submitted if space allows. Please keep this in mind, as it's easier for us to accommodate smaller artworks.