April 10- Johanna Martin Watercolour Crystal Painting Workshop

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Watercolour Crystal Painting Workshop 


Come join us for a three hour watercolour crystal painting workshop with Johanna Martin (@blousesonhouses on Instagram) on Monday, April 10th, from 630-930pm. You will learn how to make a simple transfer using a printed reference image and graphite (or try your hand at drawing your own), how to identify shadows, mid-tones and highlights in your reference image, and several watercolour techniques:

- using Masking Fluid as a resist to maintain whites

- wet on wet process

- the 'salt' technique 

- the 'lift-out' tissue-blot technique 

- the 'splattering' technique 


At the end of the 3 hour workshop each participant will leave with their very own crystal painting and a handful of new watercolour techniques to use on future works. 


*All materials including reference images provided 



See more of Johanna's work at http://www.johannapaints.com/