Alfalfa - The All Seeing Butterfly

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The All Seeing Butterfly
Acrylic on Canvas

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Nicolás Sánchez, or better known as AlfAlfA, was born in Mérida, Venezuela in 1983. He is best known as a muralist for his large size paintings and as a draftsman. For his murals he uses paint buckets, simply because it is not possible to draw on the surface. The lines, the shadowing, the characters he chooses to use is what makes his murals stand out. Nicolás has collaborated with URBAN NATION by contributing his work on a One Wall project in 2017.

AlfAlfA has been surrounded with art and artists his whole life. He spent over 10 years in art schools and universities in Caracas and Montevideo and even though he never obtained a formal degree, his art serves as prove of his worth. He has travelled, had residences and left his imprint on the walls in countries like Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, USA, Germany, England, Poland, Spain, Austria, India, Bosnia, and Croatia. AlfAlfA is a storyteller through his murals. His murals are ‘written’ on a blank huge canvas, telling a story of great mythical figures, that are sometimes dramatic and full of supernatural power. This graphic way of drawing is linked to the thickness of the lines he is using. The essence of what he is composing is the reflection of man and its human nature, making us rethink our place in this jungle.
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