Web Site: TakaSudo.com Twitter: @TiFdyL Instagram: @TiFdyL

Taka Sudo (TiFdyL) was born and raised in Tokyo Japan, and currently resides in British Columbia, Canada.

Sometimes on the mountaintops with powder snow, and sometimes in overcrowded subways of Tokyo. From a high mountain range to gassy skyscrapers. With ketchup, and with soy sauce. With glacier beer, and with sake. These are the things inspiring his creativity, but only a little. Glamourous people with amazing creativity from all over the world whom he’s ever met. This is the true inspiration.

Scattered abstract elements composed of neon colour, neutral colour, newsprint, and photo collage, assemble into organic shapes, to find the strong, true energy among the real and unreal. Those various scattered elements in abstraction are the representation of our environment, existence, daily life, current affairs, information, and each person’s passion, and energy.

Through the adventure between reality and abstraction, here’s hoping you can find your own dynamo to start each bright day with beautiful people!

Taka has had shows in Vancouver, Toronto, LA, Portland, Seattle, and Tokyo etc.
And artworks can be seen on Endeavor Snowboards, Faction Skis, Whitegold Snowboards etc.