Web Site: IvanPrusac.4ormat.com/

I spent my formative years rummaging through old books and fashion magazines, saving every cover and creative layout I could get my hands on. In fact, I had loved printed materials so much that I would smell the aging or freshly inked pages (but don’t tell anyone).

I lived in Vancouver for my childhood years before moving to Toronto. My love for the west coast mountains was still with me as a teenager, and inspired me to merge my creative talents with stone to become a Stone Mason. For those early years I found artistic inspiration while working in the great outdoors. So much in fact, that I couldn’t wait to get back to the nest and create more paintings, drawings and random things I had seen throughout those adventures.

My love for art and all things related grew so strong that I attended not one, but two schools to hone in on my creative talents. I received my formal education from Sheridan, and GBC for Graphic Communications and Illustration here in Toronto.

I now Illustrate and design for Magazines, Books, and anything related to the form of print, multimedia, set design and graphic communications. My style blends both hand rendered Ink work with digital. I absolutely love working with all spectrum’s of color, but also work in Black and White depending on the clients needs.