Web Site: Instagram: @cycypunkero

Cycy Berlin is a Philippine born illustrator and sticker artist. His love for anime and western cartoons are the foundation for his quirky and playful style. Evident in his past shows at #Hashtag Gallery, he often uses recognizable animated characters, and items from popular culture such as Nike sneakers, while staying true to his aesthetics. He considers his two older brothers to be his heroes, as they were always the ones that encouraged him to draw.

Being in the art scene for less than a year he considers himself a “newbie”. After losing his dream job doing SEO for an online media company in May of 2012, he channeled his focus by just drawing non-stop for months. That loss was the catalyst for his new found career and passion, which has only increased since then.

Cycy loves collaborating with other low brow artists. To see his straight forward style in action check this following videos and