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Andy is a Self Taught Artist that hails from a small town in south-western Ontario just outside of London and Stratford. He’s been drawing for as long as he can remember and did his first art show at a young age which sparked his interest in becoming an artist.

He has always been inspired by comics such as “Spawn” and in growing up got into graffiti and started to get some interest in it from potential buyers, at which time he turned to doing them on canvas! After that he began to dabble with all sorts of different mediums!

He then began an apprenticeship in Automotive Painting, doing airbrushing, pinstriping, signpainting and gilding!

He has now come full circle back to where it started and is doing a mixture of all the things learned along the way. His artwork fuses Illustration, with the colors of the graffiti and automotive world.

*Email or call gallery to purchase any of the work below. 12″x16″ Prints of “Fisher of Men”, and “The Killing Lights”, as well as 12″x12″ prints of “We Broke Free” can also be purchased through our online shop.