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Nov. 2-14 Meena Chopra: "SHE! The Restless Streak"

SHE! The Restless Streak

In “SHE! The Restless Streak” Meena Chopra reveals herself to be a true original who combines words and images with grace and dexterity. She is that rare being who can transcend reality in her works to uncover layers of mystical experience through her search for cosmic consciousness, hidden truths, and subtle meaning. In her pastels, acrylics depicting the female form in various states of trance-like existence she succeeds in bringing rhythm and sensuality to her elemental visions. The subtle textures and colours that she combines beautifully with her words invite the viewer into her world of wonders. She can transform banality into eloquence with ease.

Charles Pachter, (OC, O.Ont, Canadian Master Artist and Historia )



“SHE”, the life force, the moving fearless female energy, subconsciously and unknowingly, has always been a predominant part of my art depicting genesis, whether it is in abstract forms, figurative forms or in the forms of verse.


SHE is the “effect” constantly in search of its “cause”, the cosmic existence as well as liberation. SHE is the root of every experience of life. SHE is the active energy that both creates and dissolves. SHE drastically and restlessly seeks for the mysterious quietude, the hidden power beyond this universe. SHE is the principle of growth and the change. SHE is the provider and the abundance. SHE is the one who offers nourishment, warmth, and security. SHE is the basic nature of intelligence by which the universe exists and functions.

-Meena Chopra (Artist/ Author)



Meena Chopra is a Mississauga based visual artist, digital artist & poet with an unbridled passion for words, space, colours and forms. She has been practicing her poetry and visual art for over three decades. Winner of many art awards for her art, poetry and cultural activities, she has exhibited her art in many countries and has had over 75 solo and group shows. Her paintings are with many Corporations, Government Bodies, Embassies, Hotels and Private Collections in India, Canada, Australia, England, Switzerland, Dubai and Kuwait (Princesses Aisha al Sabah of the royal family of Kuwait). Meena is an active member of Mississauga Arts Council, Mississauga Art gallery and Visual Arts Mississauga, Arts on the Credit. Amongst many other art galleries, her work is also represented by Saatchi Art, Gallea (Montreal). s[edition] and fineartamerica. While practicing visual arts & writing poetry, she simultaneously entrepreneured in advertising, media and broadcasting.
Twitter: @meenachopra
Facebook: @meena.chopra.artist
Instagram: meena_artist_author