May 16-29 Martha Davis: "Dream Scenes"

Through DREAM SCENES, photo artist Martha Davis empowers senior citizens to fulfill their fantasies and long-held wishes, virtually.  Part studio portrait, part collaboration, Davis enables senior citizens to “go anywhere, do anything” through the magic of green screen photography.  Her photographs lie at the intersection of the formal and the familial, the public and the private realm.  These funny, poignant portraits of seniors “living their dreams” express deep longing; Davis empowers them not only to revisit an event beloved to them from their past, but also to accomplish, virtually, what they have not yet and are no longer able to accomplish.  Join these feisty seniors as they walk a tightrope, meet royalty, hoist the Stanley Cup, ride a bucking bronco, diss politicians and much more.

This solo exhibition is comprised of approx. 55 chromagenic prints of varying sizes.  It is part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.


Martha Davis is a Toronto-based photo artist, independent filmmaker, children’s book author and Therapy dog handler. She has been working with green screen photography for five years and has photographed over 500 seniors and children using this technique.

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