June 8-16 Toyronto: Art Toy Show

Toyronto – The Origins Story

The term "Toyronto" was first coined by founding member @theangrybeast and the idea of having an art toy collective was conceived on March 23rd 2017 when participating members of a group exhibition entitled Action Statue at the Unlovable Gallery, decided to form a toymaker collective. Soon after, toymaking member @modulicous bought the dotcom, and with @theangrybeast’s permission to use the name, Toyronto was born.

@Labmonkeynumber9, yet another instrumental founding member, began seeking out Canadian toymakers via Instagram and contacting them, offering help with mold-making and perfecting each artist’s production run. With the help of @theangrybeast and @modulicious, @Labmonkeynumber9 set about creating a Canadian toymakers’ network, and assisted these budding talents with the setting up a website and webstore, and promotion via various social media groups. Toyronto now counts 14 members and is growing with each event.


About Toyronto and their Toys

While the Art Toy scenes of the United-States, Europe and Asia are vibrant; this art form remains a relatively underground and elusive practice in Canada.

Toyronto is a group comprised of first and foremost, artful Toymakers, though works may fall under the categories of custom toys, art toys or resin sculptures.

Custom toys stipulate that a "Master Toy" – a handmade prototype consisting of sculpted figures and/or composite figures made up of pre-existing toys – is used to create a mold. Subsequently, that mold is used to cast multiple copies out of various types of resin, a casting material that is self curing. The toys are then painted, usually by hand, and assembled to create a finished piece. In the Bootleg or custom toy industry, the packaging itself is often also part of the art form (see @magoobtoys attached photos).


Toyronto's mission statement as stated by its founding members:

"We are a bunch of resin slinging misfits with funny nicknames...well that is what our moms thinks we are. United in our cause to brighten the world one cool toy at a time. Cut us and we will bleed dayglow resin (with a bit of platinum cure silicone mixed in).Toy making is life! "



#Hashtag Gallery was opened in April of 2012 with a mandate to bring the brightest artistic talent in Toronto together with established artists from a variety of backgrounds to showcase a carefully curated roster of talent on both the critical and commercial contemporary arts stage. The artists we select to represent are carefully chosen for their technique and artistic ability and represent what we believe to be the next generation of successful Canadian artists across a range of media and disciplines.

What’s in a name? At #Hashtag, we want to acknowledge the role that the internet and social media play in all our lives – in the way we stay connected, discover new ideas and interact with creativity. We want to be revolutionary by going back to basics – giving these living, online communities a touchstone in the Toronto contemporary art world, and in turn providing our roster of exceptionally talented artists professional representation within a social, supportive, art conscious community. Hashtag represents the energy of the online revolution, its creative potential, and provides a social and cultural hub for the discovery of lively and engaging fine art.  #THANKSFORVISITINGUS


For all media inquiries, including high-resolution visuals, please contact:

Eric Clement




For all #Hashtag Gallery inquiries and to signal you wish to send a camera:

Graeme Luey



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