Feb 24 - Mar 4 Group Show: "Drawn Conclusions"


Before the end of 2017, we teamed up with Jono Doiron (@jonodoiron), a narrative cartoon painter from Montréal, to curate and co-organize a group exhibition happening in a month from now! The show is called 'Drawn Conclusions' and will feature new works by 10 painters and illustrators based in Montreal and Toronto (and 1 now in Philippines). 

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? Each artist creates an original drawing that is then e-mailed to another artist in the show who will create a final work of art based on that drawing in their own style! Both the original drawings and the final paintings will be paired up during the exhibition so you can observe the direction another artist took the work. 

All works in the show are for sale! 


🎨 MC Baldassari (@mcbaldassari)

🎨 Cycy Berlin (@cycypunkero)

🎨 Andy Dass (@andydass)

🎨 Jono Doiron (@jonodoiron)

🎨 Brett Martin (@bybrett)

🎨 Justin Pape (@jpjustinpape)

🎨 Ryan Poser (@r.ill.p)

🎨 CG Rackham (@cgrackham)

🎨 Brian Roppel (@brian_roppel)

🎨 Tony Taylor (@tonytaylorart)

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