Cody, one of six boys in his family, was born in Oakville in 1988 to Jamaican and Canadian parents. Since his completion of high school, Cody has been travelling to a new city or town almost every year. He first got into photography working alongside Montréal photographer Dominic Gouin, which led to a small stint at The University of British Columbia Okanagan, studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree. Cody later flew off to the Cayman Islands to work as a studio and wedding photographer under the direction of renowned photographers Aaron Rebarchek and Rebecca Davidson for almost two years. Since moving to Toronto, Cody has been involving himself with the art/music scene; working on music videos, portrait photography, documentaries, and various live music events.

This is Cody’s first solo exhibition as a photographer and visual artist. His “Flinch!” series is an in-depth look into just how trusting his friends really are. All of the portraits were captured on his backyard patio which serves as a make-shift studio. The series is comprised of numerous nude models, shown from the chest up, in front of a white backdrop. “Flinch!” captures the tense moments that occur leading up to, and after these models are knowingly hit in the face with varying objects and liquids.

His portraits are a way of viewing the beautiful moments that pass us by ever so quickly, and making them last forever.

“Flinch!” runs September 25th-30th
NUIT BLANCHE HOURS (Spet 29th) 7pm-7am

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