The Reinterpretation of Frida Kahlo’s “The Wounded Deer”,is
an exploration project by the Iseamonster Female Artist Collaborative.
Using their wide variety of techniques, the ladies of iseamonster have been
tasked to create a piece of work that reinterprets , elaborates , or sheds new
light on Kahlo’s iconic self Portrait. Iseamonster is proud to collaborate with
female artists from all over the world , and of the artistic diversity that will be
represented in our second annual show.

Exhibiting Artists :

Alice Zilberberg
Jenny Liz Rome
Kaitlin Beckett
Sarah Cannon
Olivia Cataford
Evelyn Dillon
Vanessa Dakinsky
Genevieve Blais
Jenna Faye Powell
Melanie Gausden
Brooke Weeber
Joanne Doughty
Adelle Taylor
Claudette Abrams

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