RETURN TO OZ – Mar. 21st, 8pm

Cinema Oubliette is a new monthly film series dedicated to overlooked and forgotten cinema.

Each month we’ll screen a hidden gem in the heart of the gallery, complete with snacks and dialogue.

1985, dir: Walter Murch. 113 mins.

In a great directorial one-off, legendary film editor Walter Murch (Apocalypse Now, The English Patient) tried his hand at directing with 1985’s ill-fated Return To Oz, one of those rare children’s movies that seem designed specifically to scare the shit out of them. Putting Fairuza Balk’s Dorothy in a mental institution upon her return to Kansas is only the start of a pervading creepiness that’s turned the film into an unlikely cult classic. Once Dorothy escapes back to Oz, she finds that the evil Gnome King has kidnapped the Scarecrow, and has been using her ruby slippers to terrorize Emerald City. She and a new group of friends set out to rescue the Scarecrow and save Oz all over again. – AV Club

Cinema Oubliette: Return To Oz
Thursday March 21st, 8:00pm
PWYC donations will be accepted (and encouraged!)

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