Online Exclusive VR - Catherine Shea + J. Rosario: "Beauty From Chaos"

Now more than ever we are adapting to the era of technology.

This exhibition features the original artworks of abstraction artist Catherine Shea introducing animation artist J. Rosario who through technology and music by La Clem transforms Shea’s work to digital next level beauty.

The power of this digital animation elevates original art abstraction into a whole new form where the imagination is awakened into a new dimension. Shea and J.Rosario reveal the new potential of how we can experience artform to reflect this merging of technology and creativity into our everyday lives.

Finding Beauty in Chaos, the first of the “Ctrl+Art” series

Life is unpredictable. It is a fact that Humanity is always dancing between Chaos and Order through time, no matter how advanced we are as a civilization. Chaos comes with fear, uncertainty, challenges, breaks out our lives but at the same time creates a new order, playing this random game called: Chaos & Order.

Covid-19 has had a profound impact in the entire world, forcing us to answer new questions, changing our daily life, adopting new forms of connecting with others.

This first piece of the Ctrl+Art series, wants to express our ability as humans to innovate and develop new ideas to make a positive impact in these unprecedented times.

To visit this exhibition in Virtual Reality please visit for details on how to download the App for Oculus Go or Oculus Quest headsets.

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