Thus Drew Zarathustra: New Drawings from Stephanie Kervin
(+4 New Works by Claudia Yarur!)

Intervening in an historic object, “Thus Drew Zarathustra” mixes past and present through imagery and context. Created on the pages of a vintage text, this series explores content and meaning with colour and ink.

Exploration of society and morality is reflected in both the written word and the intervening images added to the text. Modern concepts interact with the historical text creating tension but also finding commonality in content created in seemingly disparate times.

“Thus Drew Zarathustra” builds from Nietzsche’s original writings and continues to questions ideas of religion, self and eternal recurrence.

Artist Short Bio:

Stephanie Kervin is an award winning artist and animator with work featured in Toronto Life Magazine, The Star, Metro, The Sun, and various other blogs and galleries in Toronto and surrounding area. Concerned with both aesthetics and content, her work discusses culture, politics and society at large.

Show Runs October 3rd – 9th

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