Oct 8-14 Mony Zakhour: “MOUNZER”

#Hashtag Gallery is incredibly excited to launch our additional gallery space (still at 830 Dundas St W) with MOUNZER, the much-anticipated solo show from Mony Zakhour!

This body of work is created uniquely on the back side of the menus from the restaurant where Zakhour bar-tends outside of his artist life. He explains: ” This symbolizes the constant balance, the struggle to simultaneously create and sustain, the desire for money and time or both. These works are representative of moving past these constraints in order to do what I love through creativity.”

MOUNZER is an incredibly personal show for Zakhour as well,  with the title of the show bearing special significance: “My name is Mounzer. This is something that is unknown to many people outside of my family. To my friends and the arts community, I am Mony. I’ve chosen Mounzer as a title for this exhibition to represent this change; where I’ve been and where I’m going, the maturing of my work and of myself as a person – from Mony to Mounzer.”

#Hashtag Gallery 830 Dundas St. W, Toronto

More info to follow as it is made available

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