Oct. 5 Nuit Blanche: Block.0


On Saturday October 5th, PIVOT CREATIVE in conjunction with #hashtag (@hastaggallery) gallery presents block.o an evening that will showcase the art and musical tastes of Mister Soy, a VR art gallery, and also displaying some works from Malcolm Emilio in a beautiful gallery space located on Dundas West.

Our featured artist for the night is James Soy: "There has always been a strong internal drive or compulsion to create images. My art practice is borne from a steady diet of cartoons, comics, music and other low brow sentiments. Figures/forms as contemporary iconography distilled through a pop-cultural lens. Ink, aerosol, and acrylic paint are used to create abstract, ephemeral spaces where figures float ungrounded. Creation of places where form, line, colour, pattern and melancholy collide. Robots are used primarily as a symbol of mankinds’ folly and fears, manifested in mechanical form.” Soy’s style is instantly identifiable. His black marker influenced works include robots, ninja stars, rudebwoys and illustrated homages to his homeland of Jamaica. Soy also has an award worthy amount of reggae 45’s and 12’s, so he will be providing some of the music for the evening. Follow James on instagram @mistersoy

Malcolm Emilio is a local Toronto painter, and sculptor who has been featured at the Liss Gallery in Yorkville. He provides a plant-based perspective for living in the modern world. He is a multifaceted creator making everything from clothing to jewelry and headwear. He is visionary in his concepts and designs and he channels his creativity from the elemental universe surrounding us. We will be featuring some of Malcolm’s pieces that night but he will not be in attendance. Follow Malcolm on instagram @stay_relevant

A special part of the night will be the VR art gallery provided by Art Gate VR. With the headset on, viewers will be able to take a virtual tour of an art gallery space featuring art from all over the world. We’ll have some art from all over the world featured that night. You can follow Art Gate @artgatevr

We will also be live pressing designs with a heat press with designs from the artist and some other fun prints for the night.

Join us for what will be a very special evening of art, music, good people and some vibes.


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