‘Wake’ presents an expression of the intricate relationships people share with each other in conjunction with the relationship they have with themselves under the pervasive strains of technology and excessive reality. In today’s intensely mercurial and graceless world of instant and ‘social’ everything, interpersonal human relationships are not easy to understand, nurture and trust. Technology overwhelms with data and information while debasing and the degrading the certainty of identity in the user. Even the most basic part of our identity, our name, is no longer concrete and singular – but it is plural, expanding and ever changing. Who are you with out the well edited profiles on the internet, the knowledge of any fact at the tip of your finger, and witty 50 character quips on media sites – you are just human and vulnerable. How can one relate to others at all if they can not relate to themselves with out the constant ‘companionship’ of digital distractions and protection of a screen. This inundation of stimuli is warping the fabric of how people interact in person and how we co-exist. Fidgety, sleep deprived and uncomfortable in solitude, people seem dissatisfied to share the company of one person alone when they could be given the prospect of a dozen virtual people in their phone or laptop. The ideal that ‘the grass is always greener’ on the next web page erodes hope to work and build something with someone over time. I wanted to paint this sad paradox of isolation in a digital world.

Show Runs October 25th – November 6th
801 Dundas St. W.

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