Oct 12-29 Marina Zumi: "Aural Reflection"

"In the bottom of my heart resides a dark animal, surrounded by colourful star dust, crystals, and the light emitted by the souls swirling around...

My beast understood after many years, that he is not merely a bunch of imperfect particles, but that these imperfect particles are what make him beautifully unique.

As a young crystal he suffered scratches from the ashes of time. Touched by old beliefs he fought at first... but then one day he stopped running... he faced each and every one of the karmas around until he got used to them... until he stopped being afraid of, and even he started to recognize from afar... that he was gaining wisdom, and grace. Little by little... the beast was becoming... a Diamond." - Marina

Join us as we welcome Marina Zumi (Sao Paulo) as she stops in Toronto in her travels around the world painting large street murals!

"Marina Zumi believes in natural wisdom, symmetry, quantum theory and the power of color. Her favorite places to work are the streets and large walls that she turns into colorful murals. She paints fairy tale animals, brightly colored and gentle, flowers, stars, and cosmos. The artists stress the importance of symmetry that mimics the balance one should achieve through meditation and self-exploration. Her murals almost always show the scenes after the nightfall, where the real magic can happen, in the absence of lights comes forward the freedom. The results are serene murals and illuminated landscapes that keep the clear and smooth form and still show the surreal world of ideas." -Wide Walls (

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