Join us November 8th-25th as abstract artists Claudia Yarur, and Jimmy Chiale fill #Hashtag Gallery with large colourful works of art in this “must-see” show!

About Claudia’s Work:

“I consider the practice of painting always as an exercise where I have the intention to arrive at or achieve a certain state of mind. This particular state is what I think of as a “point of inflection” where something is in a stage of shifting or changing. So, when looking at all the images one after another, one can see there is one element being repeated and this is movement.

(In every one of these works there is an intention of bringing to surface the idea of change, where the spectator can feel the sensation of change in him or herself as reflection to these images.)

This “point of inflection” is something I think of as a moment in between two moments or times of action: a moment in the middle that holds transition. This moment of transition can be similar to what some consider opens space for emptiness. A lapse of time where one action has finished and the next one has not yet started, leaving space for nothingness. In eastern thought, nothingness gives space for reality to show itself in its true and pure form. And all sorts of interesting things happen when you get a glimpse of that particular sense of emptiness, or experience part of the process that leads you there. My works delve into the process of giving form or searching for this particular state.
A few years ago, my process of painting was a kind of meditation for me. Today, my works are more about giving visual form to a state I want to reflect on once they are finished.

These works aim to represent nothing specific, just a moment of transition; the idea of open possibilities, and from this other elements can arise such as instability, dispersion, expansion, ambiguity or simultaneity. “Time” can be experienced in these images through different viewpoints that drift or swirl simultaneously but without clear focus, adding complexity through its layers. I think that painting, and art in general, is about confronting things you are not used to dealing with in your daily life, and sometimes this can be uncomfortable.

The reason why I am interested in movement as a theme is because I believe that through movement changes are created, whether these are on an individual, larger group or societal level. In that case, movement acts as the energy or force that breaks old patterns and enables new realities to exist.

Painting for me is the medium for searching, exploring and giving shape to the possibility of a particular state of mind.”

About Jimmy’s Work

“My art is a reflection of my thirst for adrenaline and adventures of the bohemian nature; It is a collection of experiences, some of which are colourful, others which are painted with the paints of pain. Yet, regardless of their nature, all these personal pieces liberate the subconscious, and trigger dreams of the imagination. Acting as playful mirrors, they reveal the viewer’s inner-child and soul, much like a Rorschach inkblot test, while also inspiring relaxation and appreciation of the world, imperfections and all. 

This creative process, of course, begins with great concepts, which is the primary reason I surround myself with all things inspirational. I often listen to hip-hop and jazz music, skateboard to feel the rhythm of the streets, or hang out in artist-filled places. This allows me to channel a vision that’s very real and not at all abstract, which I then express in the most fitting form — whether it’s a 48×48 acrylic painting, an ink doodle on a coffee table, or a pair of canvas shoes. Usually, I am guided by the brightness or energy carried by a particular color, which then unfolds through my use of ornamental patterns, outlines, and added dots.

Being that I am still young, my goal is to master my art form, and continue my journey until an old age. Just like Andy Warhol, I would like to decompose readily-accepted ideas, such as ‘what makes something beautiful’, as I incorporate mistakes and stains into my art. I want to produce works that combine concepts like primitivism, made popular by Picasso and Henry Matisse, with a modern touch that’s seen in urban graffiti murals and street art. Most of all, I would like to transmit the ‘joie de vie’ that I get from engaging in visual mediums, and share my emotions with others. In fact, when a lady in her forties used my painting as a way of coping with her divorce, it made me feel like my work has a positive impact on others — and that to me, is what constitutes artistic success.”

Show runs Nov.8th – Nov.25th

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