Yo dawg! We heard you like fan art. So we put some fan art on a banner for an art show for fans of fan art to make some fan art for other fans of fan art!

We’re all fans of something or other, so we’ve put together an international showing of our favourite Cult Classic pieces! Come see some art, meet up with other fan art enthusiasts, and maybe even take something home with you. There will be pieces of all sizes, all under $300 from both established, and emerging artists who are looking to get their artwork out there and make a statement!

This time, due to our generous sponsor Jib Strategic Inc., we’ve changed the details a little bit, and we’re running a contest for “Best in Show” with a prize of $500*, for the top voted piece! So jump on over to the voting page and cast a vote for your favourite!

*Winning piece will be purchased by our sponsor Jib Strategic Inc. for $500 and will be framed hung in their advertising agency in Toronto’s Distillery District.

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