Nov. 24 - Dec. 4 Kristina Corre: "Big 'N' Smalls"


In Fall 2015, Kristina Corre took on a 100 Days project and committed to creating a
hand cut collage a day from October to January. Along the way, she experimented with
many different styles, source material, and aesthetics. Eventually she discovered a
minimalist approach to collage making that she could confidently call her own, and one
that others have described as elegant, delicate, precious, and whimsical.
Though Kristina does indeed create from a place of whimsy and always strives for
aesthetic elegance, the words delicate and precious just didn't vibe with how she
approached her work. In response, Kristina began scanning and blowing up her collages
— allowing them to take on a new bolder life and hold their own as wheatpaste murals
among the loud, multi-coloured backdrops of Ottawa's graffiti walls.
In her first solo gallery show (also her first exhibit in Toronto), Big'n'Smalls will display
Kristina's scaled-up ready-to-wheatpaste blow-ups in conjunction with their small
originals. Drop by the gallery to see the works from November 24th (opening 7-11:30 PM)
to December 4th.


Kristina Corre (b 1986, Manila) grew up around Yonge and Eglinton but left the city to earn her Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Master of Architecture degrees at Carleton University in Ottawa. She is currently based in the nation's capital, still trying to balance her pursuit of architecture with her explorations into artistic practise.
Instagram @kristinasees #seescutspastes


Kristina is so excited to bring her analog cut and paste collage workshop to Hashtag.
This 2,5 hr workshop will encourage participants to explore Kristina's elegant, minimalist
approach to the art of collage. Along with her own techniques, creative process, and
influences, Kristina will present the principles and elements of design and how to use
these tools of composition to build narratives from disparate parts.
Participants will collect images from Kristina's stash of National Geographics, free
catalogs, architecture, gardening magazines, as well as their own sources, then carefully
cut, compose, and paste their findings to create minimalist collage stories. Kristina will
also give an overview of the possibilities for collage beyond the materials provided in this
introductory workshop, particularly regarding how collages can be blown up to create
larger scale wheatpaste works like the ones in her Big'N'Smalls show.
By the end of the evening each participant will take home up to 3 complete works on
coldpressed fine art paper.
Tools and materials will be provided, but please bring up to 5 magazines or paper
ephemera to cut and paste.

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