Nov. 19-20 Jimmy Chiale: "Chiale Style"

Chiale comes from the verb chialer which means to cry in French.

The original Chialestyle black and white design patterns that structured Jimmy Chiale as an artist was something he gained as a result of finding refuge from problems at home and school. doodling somewhere in the corner of the room. There wasn't much colours then, only these abstract shapes and lines that would make imaginative figures appears such as fish, birds, faces, monsters, everyone would see there own interpretations and run with them.

Jimmy Chiale often explains that what inspires him and motivates him the most is 1. beauty which he is clearly addicted to and 2. strong feelings like love, excitement, sadness and anger. Darkness is also a source of inspiration for Jimmy Chiale and he uses all elements with balance and harmony all represented perfectly on the canvas. After 20 years of perfecting his craft, he has the pleasure to invite you to discover what he does best with a new collection of work that will be showcased at #Hashtag Gallery this weekend.

We hope to see you there !

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