Nov 16-26 Nick Shinbin: "Destruction | Fortification"

Destruction | Fortification is a dual-subject collection of pointillist ink drawings.  
The Destruction collection depicts historic scenes, largely of Toronto, that are no longer recognizable...places that once helped define the character of the city and are now lost to time and urban development.  A movie theatre with a brilliant marquee that has been demolished to make room for a series of fast food chains.  A cylindrical building that, before the ubiquity of photography and film, once housed panoramic murals depicting scenes of life in other countries that eventually became a parking garage and then demolished to make room for a bank tower.  A series of buildings that were demolished by a fire that consumed the downtown core.  These pictures provide glimpses of a familiar city in unfamiliar times.
The Fortification collection is a series of portraits.  For some, every day is a trial...every step uncertain, every action internally questioned and deemed faulty in some way, every future moment a probable worst-case scenario.  There are times when it's hard to move forward, and to feel compelled to let yourself cave in.  Fortifications prevent things from caving in; they help to provide protection against the coming onslaught.  Fortifications can be people and their stories.  These portraits were drawn as a means to internalize the stories that I wanted to hold onto, to strengthen my footing as I find my way.

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