Sets is the newest collection of work from contemporary artist Graeme Luey, and an un-official follow up to last summer’s “SURF/ACE” with Spencer “Random” Harrison.

“Staring out at the ocean waves rolling in, they reach the shore in sets. It’s been said ocean waves travel in groups of seven, and the seventh wave is the biggest of the bunch. While not necessarily true, they do seem to travel in bursts of big waves, then calm, and repeat that pattern caused by the gusts of wind from storms miles offshore.

I suppose the show could also have been titled “Swell”, but I’m more interested in the patterns, repetition, and calming simplicity of the ocean and its rolling sets of waves that have been around since long before we were born, and will continue marching on long after we’re gone.”

It’s also his birthday opening night, so come celebrate!

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