May 1-16 Will O'Hare & Laura Burns: "WO/MAN" CONTACT 2018 Selected Exhibition

Equal parts homage and sabotage, WO/MAN uproots gender dualities and oppositions, bending the notions of the masculine and feminine through the human form. Laden with desire and anguish, O’Hare’s images reveal a depth and complexity of the human spirit that defies categorization. WO/MAN is an urgent call to dive inwards and explore the tensions and harmonies, the comforts and discomforts, and the limitless horizons below gender’s expression.

Dates: May 1 - 16, 2018
Artists: Will O’Hare (Photographer), Laura Burns (Subject)
Hours: 4pm-10pm Tuesday - Friday, 2pm-8pm Sat + Sun
Reception: May 4th, 7pm-11:30pm

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