March 3-12 Alex Shifrin: "Talking Pictures"

Talking Pictures

Alex Shifrin, a Toronto native, spent 16 years living and working in Moscow, Russia returning back home in 2015. Alex was first recognized in Moscow as an up and coming Moscow-based postmodern artist by publications including Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Elle, Marie Clair and The Financial Times. This exhibition features recent work inspired by early attempts at communication with his four year old son Greg, who has autistic spectrum disorder. After giving Greg access to his MacBook computer, Alex discovered that Greg, who is non-verbal, was reaching out with a deep desire to communicate with his parents and the world around him. The exhibit is an exploration of an early, unique breakthrough in communication, which stopped and evolved into more verbal forms as suddenly as it began. Each piece is accompanied by a written story and derives from a specific moment in time when Greg spoke with his parents on his dad’s notebook computer for the first time.

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