March 15-25 OPEN CALL: "OVER 9000!!!!"

HEY! We're going to be hosting the first open call show of the year March 15th! As usual, we try to come up with a theme that let's artists work in a different style than normal, challenges you a little bit, or simply allows artists who's style may not have fit in past shows have a chance to show off their work, and network with other amazing artists!

We thought we'd give the manga/anime style a go this round. We know quite a few people who have been asking about a show with this theme, so here we are! The artwork in the show should relate to the title in some way, but doesn't have to be manga/anime if you can think of a different way to interpret it, and convince us why it fits.

The show will be on the lower floor of the gallery, and launch in conjunction with Rich Theobald's pop culture solo show on the main floor. Keep sizing in mind, as there is finite space on the walls, so submitting all giant pieces isn't ideal.

Guidelines for the open call show:

-maximum amount of pieces per artist is 3
-maximum size in any 1 direction 24"
-artwork must be ready to hang
-artwork must be dropped off at the gallery BEFORE 8pm Sunday March 11. 
-artwork must be picked up on the last day of the show
-sales split 60% to artist, 40% to gallery

*Please note: we get a lot of submissions for open call shows. We do curate the show after all submissions are accepted. We put at least 1 piece per artist up, and when possible all the work submitted if space allows. Please keep this in mind, as it's easier for us to accommodate smaller artworks.

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