Analog: Something that is analogous or similar to something else.

Andrew Patterson’s work in Analog represents a period of experimentation with re-incorporating strong line work reminiscent of his time working in Animation. The print triptych titled Mesmo Kabuki is based off of a series of sketches and drawings influenced by classical mythology, totems, and typographical experiments, while the Many Faces Out Of Focus paintings represent an evolution of Andrew’s more traditional work.


Andy Kittmer makes art because he was always told not to, because he was told it was a useless dream. His work represents the trials, and underlying effects of a troubled childhood. It represents perseverance.

His work is inspired by individual freedom, by the natural, and the unnatural. It’s inspired by low brow culture, skateboarding, and dreams. It’s inspired by travel, by home, and by the simple things (like a stick).

This new body of work builds on his previous work using pencil, ink, aerosol, and acrylic on panel. There is a new layer of depth to his work, with intricate, if not moody backgrounds accompanying his emotion filled portrait subjects.

A few samples from the show:

Show Runs March 20th – April 6th FREE

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