“To receive and pass on, each team member in turn, covering part of the total distance”

In a partnership based on trust, courage and passion for the art, Catherine Shea’s finesse, structure and technical application of colour meets Kael Racioppa’s free flow approach and raw, explorative quality.

RELAY is the result of an artistic explosion sparked by Catherine and Kael’s creative ambition to travel beyond their comfort zone and the drive to discover unexpected opportunities.

“The ignition of a process … Receive, reinforce, and re-transmit.”

Catherine Shea began her artistic journey more than 30 years ago. As a self-taught painter, she relies heavily on colour, pattern and texture to express the stored imagery of visual encounters she has experienced in her personal exploration of the environment, architecture, design and graphics.

With RELAY, Catherine once again demonstrates her passion and respect for discovery of the unexpected, chance encounters, creative opportunities, and the “grow or die” spirit that defines her work.

Kael Racioppa’s first canvas was produced to decorate the foyer of his home and was a beautiful failure. That painting, regardless of how weak it was opened the flood gates and the art has been spilling from his mind onto the canvas ever since. Experiments with several mediums and the ongoing process of watching, listening and learning from more established artists, have helped him nurture his talent and focus his work.
“Art is a journey and I’m always eager to see what I will come up with next.” KR

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