June 17 Loop De Loop Short Film Screenings

Loop De Loop

Loop de Loop are happy to announce that our next stop in global screenings will be our Toronto debut!

Having been a creative outlet for incredible animators like Felix Colgrave and Raman Djafari, there's stacks of brand new and exciting artists showcasing their animated shorts down on Dundas, with this screening based on the theme: Lucky. The Toronto debut will be hosted @ #Hashtag Gallery, on Sunday 17th June. 3pm + it's complimentary to boot.

Guests are incouraged to bring pillows, beanbags, pop-up chairs, dogs, cosy sweaters (maybe not in this weather) and whatever makes you comfy to the hour long screening. There will be a pop-up tuck shop and drinks available. However, registration is capped and limited for your comfort, so grab your +1 now!

The show will be downstairs at #Hashtag Gallery, and guests are invited to browse the current exhibition of Leah Shostak's works too.

Register at

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