June 16-26 CHRISTINA TJANDRA: “Fact & Fiction”

Fact & Fiction:
A collection of dwellings and broken topographies

In Fact and Fiction, Tjandra’s second solo exhibition with #Hashtag Gallery, she continues to expand on her experiences as an Indonesian living abroad. Her wistful memories of home urged her to assemble pieces of her recollections into a patchwork of places, feelings, and daydreams — Something that may or may not have existed but is nevertheless genuine.

Central to Tjandra’s work is the vernacular architecture of Indonesia. These built environments capture the diverse history and culture across the archipelago. These landscapes and dwellings have developed in response to the hot and wet monsoon climate, as well as being statements that embody various forms of ornamentation, belief and identity.

Christina Tjandra is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her work was selected and published in American Illustration 31 and American Illustration 34. She has exhibited her drawings in various shows in Toronto as well as at the Society of Illustrators in New York City. Tjandra’s works has been featured in Applied Arts and the New Yorker.

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