NXNE & #Hashtag Gallery proudly present KYLE DUFFIELD’s TRACE for one night only on June 13th at 9pm!

Trace is an interactive audio/video installation that allows its users to control both light and sound through gesture. A fog machine fills a room with fog to solidify the projector’s light into solid beams, similar to Anthony McCall’s Line Describing a Cone (1973). Users face the lens of the projector and use their hands to control both the beams of light as well as the sound. Trace is a light-sculpting instrument that immerses users into a space enabling them to see, hear, feel, and manipulate sound-light compositions of their own creation.

Kyle Duffield is a Toronto based intermedia artist who works in a range of mediums, such as painting, interactive installation, and video. His primary works tend to combine audio, video, and various electronic devices into immersive interactive installations. Kyle is currently teaching interactive art and is continuing to create interactive works in the realm of expanded cinema.

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