We’re excited to tell you that the biggest art event of the summer will be heading here following the one night only event at the Evergreen Brickworks! If you can’t make it out Saturday the 20th (and we recommend you try and make it…), you can still check out all the world-class artwork on display here at #Hashtag Gallery until August 6th!

Here are some details on the show:

Main Event

First there was UNO. And now there’s DOS, an evening of collaboration in art, music and food.
40 international artists (Sam Flores, Mike Giant, and Faith 47 to name a few) battling with original
works of art. Superstar DJs Platurn and Grandtheft going set for set and track for track on 4 turntables.
And 2 of North America’s most celebrated taquerias (Big Star and La Carnita) collaborating on a
one-night-only street food menu.

Tickets are $20 each and they get you entrance to one of our city’s biggest parties plus one glass of Bear Flag,
and the first 1000 in the door will receive an original La Carnita art print.

Why tickets? Well, UNO was a bit crazy and this will keep things tight. Plus we’ve flown in bigger
artists and bigger DJs from all over the world, not to mention one of North America’s best taquerias.

For getting there, we’ve partnered with UBER. New users can get a free black car ride up to $25 to or
from the event using the code “DOS” and existing users can get $10 off one ride by using the code “UBERDOS”.
Otherwise, you can take the free Brickworks shuttle, running to and from Broadview subway station from
7pm to 2:30am. Or, you can bike/walk the Brickworks trail.

As for what to expect…


Mike Giant (San Francisco, USA) -vs- Tom Gilmour (London, UK)
Sam Flores (San Francisco, USA) -vs- Joseph Martinez (Denver, USA)
Zach Johnsen (Portland, USA) -vs- Johnny Crap (Montreal, Canada)
Joshua Davis (New York, USA) -vs- Chuck Anderson (Chicago, USA)
Faith47 (Cape Town, South Africa) -vs- DALeast (Beijing, China)
Eduardo Bertone (Madrid, Spain) -vs- Doublenaut (Toronto, Canada)
Dubelyoo (Atlanta, USA) -vs- Gene Pendon (Montreal, Canada)
Bryan Espiritu (Toronto, Canada) -vs- Hydro 74 (Orlando, USA)
Matt Barnes (Toronto, Canada) -vs- David Glantz (Toronto, Canada)
Marco Crawley (Toronto, Canada) -vs- Rcade (Toronto, Canada)
Taka Sudo (Vancouver, Canada) -vs- Graham Curran (Los Angeles, USA)
Ben Tour (Vancouver, Canada) -vs- Vladimir Kato (Toronto, Canada)
Kwest (Toronto, Canada) -vs- Bacon (Toronto, Canada)
Skam (Toronto, Canada) -vs- Peru143 (Toronto, Canada)
Chase Tafoya (Los Angeles, USA) -vs- Dresden The Barbarian (Los Angeles, USA)
Che Kothari (Toronto, Canada) -vs- Nick Simhoni (Toronto, Canada)
Jacqui Oakley (Hamilton, Canada) -vs- Jamie Lawson (Hamilton, Canada)
Andy Kittmer (Muskoka, Canada) -vs- Angie Fey (Toronto, Canada)
Matt Darling (Toronto, Canada) -vs- Nancy Rose (Toronto, Canada)
Shingo Shimizu (Toronto, Canada) -vs- Carson Ting (Vancouver, Canada)


DJ Platurn (Oakland, USA) -vs- Grandtheft (Montreal, Canada)
Don Valley (Toronto, Canada) -vs- Brains4Breakfast (Toronto, Canada)


Big Star (Chicago, USA)
La Carnita (Toronto, Canada)

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