This latest series of work breaks down into two distinct categories, paper and plastic.

With the plastic (paintings), I have attempted to create beautiful forms with as little evidence of human interference as possible by way of utilizing a loose, fluid, free-flowing technique, symbolizing nature’s effortless creation of beauty. The geometric elements are introduced secondly, with much careful thought and consideration, representing our unconscious compartmentalizing efforts as people as a way of making sense of nature and all that is within life.

The paperwork(s) consist of thousands of tiny individual pieces of paper carefully assembled into various patterns. I use a small exact-o blade, tweezers, glue and patience to arrange each tiny piece – one-at-a-time – into subtle forms, most commonly circular, which are reminiscent of mandalas, representing the universe and all that is within. Each tiny piece of paper, as an individual element, plays an immensely important role as it develops into part of the larger organized whole. This symbolizes our inclination as citizens to be self-focused, but when we come together as people, we form something beautiful, something noticeable and much larger than ourselves, with a sense of responsibility that then reaches far beyond ones own borders.

I am driven by the desire to foster discussion of the various challenges present in life with an emphasis on self-awareness, social collaboration and the strength of collective power on common ground. In our efforts to improve society we must embrace these ideals of human assemblage. To overcome, we must come together.

Some samples from the show for you to peruse:

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