January 3rd -17th 5 Amazing Artists Invade Hashtag Gallery!

W. Scott Forbes
Ricky Kruger
Alina Urusov
Cy Berlin
and Hashtag’s own Deena Pagliarello

Much in the way Ancient Greece told stories of Hercules, Athena, or Prometheus, Superman, Batman and the X-men alike, represent our commentary on society. The creation and constant re-creation of superheroes and the books in which they are found function as part of our own modern mythology; just as folktales, fairy tales and ancient myths say something about the cultures they were dreamt from.

Issue #1 is a celebration of modern mythology, of the heroes and folktales that have been a part of our lives for generations. And like the ancient myths retold before, this show is a fresh look at a never ending representation of these heroes, old and new, obscure and popular. This is the mythology that we give to the world years after we disappear. It may even lead to wonder if the reason we enjoy being told the same story over and over is that the characters have actually grown in our collective minds to be bigger than just the pages they are written and drawn on.

“If, like all great empires that have come and gone, North America were to fall into the ashes, these stories and legends would still survive. Superman will be here long after any of us—the idea of him and who he was, the embodiment of the highest concentration of Idealism and Virtue will outlast the nation that gave him life, and perhaps even it’s memory.” – John Romaniello

Come check out some of your favorite characters, and perhaps a few new ones too from 5 of Toronto’s top comic artists! It’s the perfect way to kick off the new year! And who knows? Maybe you’ll find a little something to spend that money you got for the holidays on.

Show runs Jan 3rd-17th

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