April 23 - May 10 Zach Fish: "DAIMONIC"

Daimonic presents a collection of generative drawings born of computer code and made real using a robotic drawing peripheral. The work explores the conflict between the application of hyper-rational control and the intervention of pseudo-random chance via the production of form through algorithmic design. Daimon is the ancient, Hellenistic forebearer of the modern term ‘Demon’. Whereas the modern term has come to refer to some abstract malevolent entity the ancient term has a more nuanced and esoteric meaning. A Daimon or Daimonion is interpreted as an entity that mediates between the material and the immaterial realms. It can mean a guiding principal or moment of inspiration but never makes itself explicit or renders itself in some human form. The Daimonic remains singularity influential and yet forever removed.


For this body of work the concept is emblematic of the interplay between the rigidly defined, logical programming and the harnessed influence of random chance that results in the digital forms made manifest on the paper though peripheral drawing. The forms are driven by code created within in a native CAD platform which is hacked and manipulated to interpret the resultant 3D models as 2D representations. The same programming then generates a series of hundreds of thousands of individual commands that guides a robotic peripheral as it creates the drawing using a series of standard drawing implements. The programming takes as initial instruction a series of randomly generated numbers as direct input for the creation of the models and so, while each drawing in a particular algorithmic series shares constraints and basic formal rules with others in that series; every single drawing produced is of a formally unique entity and as such is a one of one drawing.

Show can be seen in Virtual Reality on ArtGateVR on your Oculus VR Headset, 
Or online at

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