Feb 9-18 Luvsumone x Javid Jah: "OPENING"

To open is to create opportunity - to manifest new pathways for growth and transformation.

The challenge we face as a society divided between class, race and value is not merely to be tolerant of difference, but to remain open. For many, this involves social transformation - promoting cultural diversity, subsidizing marginalized communities, strategies of income re-distribution. History proves that material transformation is insufficient in rallying the ultimate common ground within all living beings, including those of the natural world. We must be open to what can be described as a spiritual unity to retrieve and sustain respect for each other and our environment.

"Opening" is a series of aerosol paintings on corrugated shipping container siding that challenge audiences to enter/entertain their spiritual pathways. The corrugated Corten steel pieces are collected during the process of cutting open doors and windows in re-purposed shipping containers. The images depicted on these discarded pieces play with our perceptions of individual sacred space - meditative spatial manifestations originating from various spiritual traditions. The ambition is to awaken audiences to our ability to inspire tranquility and unity through the most improbable materials - spray paint and corrugated Corten steel.


Feb 9-18 Luvsumone x Javid Jah take over the main floor of #Hashtag Gallery for their joint show OPENING. These two Toronto mural artists have been working together for several years, but have never had a showcase of their artwork until now! We're excited to show off this new collection of work starting Friday February 9th!

DJs and drinks start up at 7pm, and go late!

You can follow them on Instagram for sneak peek videos, and W.I.P. shots.
Luvsumone @luvsumone
Javid @javid_jah

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