Feb. 6-13 Jennifer Toole: "The Goddess Array"

The Goddess Array V.3 - Feb. 6-13, 2020 @ #Hashtag Gallery

The Goddess Array is a photo series depicting ancient Greek goddesses in the nude with their totems of power. Photographer Jennifer Toole spent the better part of four years shooting this project in the wilds of Ontario, California, Quebec and Ibiza out of an insatiable desire that welled up from deep within compelling her to celebrate, idolize and share the limitless forms and vibrations women embody and exude as they evolve.

The Greek goddesses are diverse, archetypal and mythological in proportion. Jennifer set out to capture them in modern day, refreshed, and offered up to us all as strong, free, confident examples to draw strength from, learn from, reflect upon and pray to.

The models are real life goddesses in their own realms. All are friends who responded to Jennifer’s call for brave participants. These women are teachers, mothers, mortgage brokers, musicians, scientists, therapists, designers, lawyers, publicists, yogis, DJs, servers, actors, stylists, dancers, event planners, developers, writers and so much more.

The act of shooting nudes in nature and in public spaces has always been exhilarating for Jennifer. It is an act of claiming space for women, a defiant act of freedom. Jennifer put these women up on pedestals and captured their glory in a style reminiscent of ancient Greek sculpture. If you look closely, there is a lot going on in these photos. Struggles of the womb, of health, of mind abound, but also the determination to overcome obstacles and live life to the fullest against all odds.

The Goddess Array is Jennifer’s instinct to hold a mirror up to women through her photos and show them how beautiful they are independent of any cookie cutter ideals. It is an inspiration, a coping mechanism and an art. It is a retelling of history if you read deeply, a collection of characters, a collection of songs, a history of epic proportions. It is a delicate reminder we are complex creatures in need of guidance. Like Mnemosyne’s hereditary memory, Jennifer hopes to remind you of the goddesses who came before.

The exhibit will feature fourteen one of one, signed, 2ft by 3ft framed prints. There will be a video installation on display. And The Goddess Array coffee table book will be available for purchase as well. It is a 11″ by 16.5″ paperback coffee table book featuring the full photo series of The Goddess Array each accompanied by a sonnet detailing the myth of each goddess. There is a perforated tear-out print of Nike Goddess of Victory in every copy numbered and signed. 90 pages. Limited edition of 62 copies.


“Jennifer’s practice, her honesty and fortitude, and the experiences she creates for those of us who work with her, also offers us; her subjects and collaborators, a way of seeing. Her public calls for participation and the generosity with which she works expresses a strong commitment to respect- ing and realizing all women as goddesses. Through her process and approach, she offers achiev- ability; a new way of seeing ourselves, and the opportunity to let go of what we think a goddess should be, and to find our goddess within.” - Jenny-Anne McCowan, Choreographer & National Director of Education for the Magenta Foundation



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