The collection of works on display here are representative of a number of emotions and experiences united by a common theme: Change.

Throughout early adulthood I’ve learned that without the common restraints of school we all mature and change at a very different pace. This often results in relationships splintering violently, but just as frequently, slowly burning or fading away. In some instances we’re able to match speeds and weather the storm. Whatever the case, the only constant seems to be flux and an endless cycle of fracturing and mending.

Producing these paintings functions as a sort of catharsis and a way of moving past the negative feelings and embracing the positives. They are a study of the anger, jealousy, loneliness, love, happiness, and hope I see in myself and everyone around me. Using colour, shape, symbolism, and in some cases literal fractures, I portray the breaking and binding of this emotional spectrum. The subjects of these paintings shatter apart and come back together depending on how you percieve them – your current state of mind is the deciding factor.

Fractures in the foundations can set us on different paths, but it’s how we deal with the breakage that determines whether

It’s for better or worse.

Show runs December 6th-22nd

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