Silk screening, or screen printing, is widely recognized as a craft medium today. JP Spanbauer and Kamilla Nikolaev believe it is important to share the “impressions” of screen printing with as large of an audience as possible.

Kamilla and JP are both art directors working full time in the heart of Toronto’s design district, also operating as a freelance design+art collective under the name Signed. They started making a name for themselves in the community by organizing ‘extracurricular’ art-related events at their live/work space in the Queen West area a couple of years ago. It all started as a search for interesting collaborations with their designer and artist peers, and it was simply a good way to help each other stay inspired and find free time for personal art projects.

The first 24-hour party in the Screenprinting Marathon series took place in the end of October and became a wondrous success! Over 40 people showed up, and more than 30 beautiful pieces of art were created within one very long and fun-filled day. Every participant had to pick out 3 random words out of a hat, which they had to use as the inspiration for the piece created. Most of the word combinations were surprisingly difficult to draw! Come and see for youself, what would you come up with if your words were ‘Bjork Muffin Beard’, ‘Ghastly Asshole Teacher’, or ‘Beer Donkey Rescue’?

Not everyone in the show considers themselves to be an artist, and most were very new to the process of printmaking. What’s important is that everyone committed an admirable amount of their time and skill, and had a lot of fun creating the artwork you’re about to see.

Come and join them at the show opening on Thursday, December 27th (the show will last till Sunday night) at the #Hashtag Gallery on Bathurst and Dundas. Don’t forget to pick your 3 words out of a hat at the entrance! Maybe they will inspire you to create your own piece of art. And why not learn a thing or two about screen printing while you’re at the show?

Talk to Kamilla or JP at the opening, or email them at about the upcoming Screenprinting Marathons, or to set up a smaller teaching party for yourself and a group of friends.
The show will feature the following printmakers:

JP Spanbauer
Kamilla Nikolaev
Graeme Luey
Cycy Berlin
Lemur Vit
Marion Green
Mark Santos
Pedro Ramos
Karolina Kisiel
Lesli Scott
Irina luca
Saajid Sam Motala
Johann Joseph TeBrake
Tristan Johnston
Julia Padvoiskis
Igor Provod
Eska Urwen
Stefano Tirone
Jane Weber

+ more!

Opening Reception December 27th, 7pm-11:30pm
Show runs December 27th-30th

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