#CINEMA OUBLIETTE: Six-String Samurai – July 15 8:30pm

#Hashtag Gallery is proud to present the 10th film in our Cinema Oubliette series:

1998, dir: Lance Mungia. 91 mins.

Six-String Samurai is set in an alternate history America, in which Soviet Union attacked the U.S. with nuclear weapons in 1957, making most of the country an inhospitable desert. The government has entirely collapsed, except for the Kingdom of Elvis, who rules from “Lost Vegas” to California. The Red Army has been besieging Vegas, but the lack of supplies from the Soviet Union has caused them to degenerate into just another gang. As the movie begins, Elvis has died and a radio disc jockey Keith Mortimer announces a call for all musicians to come to Lost Vegas to try to become the new King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Set to an incredible surf-rock soundtrack by the Red Elvises (also appearing in the film), our horn-rimmed hero descends on Vegas in a quest for the throne with the help of an unlikely friend…

“Mungia and Falcon have scripted this dusty desert fable from a myriad of movie references-cum-contemporary cultural myths, an iconography instantly recognizable to modern movie audiences. (In a terrific example of mix, match and spoof, a slow speed chase with barely mobile cars, the kid working the pedals with blocks of wood tied to his feet while an unconcerned Buddy strums dreamily in the passenger seat, combines 1950s juvie street races, Mad Max and O.J. Simpson with a screwy twist.)

“But more than that, they’ve twisted them into their own goofy idea what society might have mutated into if American society ended in 1957 but attitude kept going strong. Married to punkified Star Wars plot by way of The Road Warrior, Messrs. Mungia and Falcon have successfully reworked the same bedrock myths (fathers and sons, journeys, destiny, yadda yadda yadda) with unassuming giddiness and funked up style, served up so effortlessly that you never think about these mythic foundations through this grunge journey. Backed with a boisterous rockabilly soundtrack and shot in burning color by very talented DP Kristian Bernier (watch for this guy to make his mark), this Slamdance Award Winner isn’t exactly an original, but it’s visceral, comic book style recalls the heady sense of invention and energy of The Road Warrior and The Terminator. Every once in a while someone has to remind us that going to the movies is fun.”
– Sean Axmaker,

Cinema Oubliette: SIX-STRING SAMURAI
Thursday May 22nd, 8:30pm
PWYC donations will be accepted (and encouraged!)

Cinema Oubliette is a monthly film series dedicated to overlooked cinema. Each month we screen a hidden gem in the heart of the gallery, complete with snacks and post-screening dialogue.

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