Cinema Oubliette: FISH TANK – Nov 12th 8:30pm

#Hashtag Gallery is proud to announce the seventh film in our monthly Cinema Oubliette film series:

2009, dir: Andrea Arnold. 124 mins.

Andrea Arnold’s piercing & claustrophobic FISH TANK is the portrait of an angry, isolated 15-year-old girl (Mia) who is hurtling toward a lifetime of misery. She is so hurt and lonely, we pity her. Her mother barely even sees her. The film takes place in a bleak British public housing estate, and in the streets and fields around it. There is no suggestion of a place this girl can go to find help, care or encouragement.

Starring newcomer Katie Jarvis and the always impressive Michael Fassbender, FISH TANK garnered the Jury Prize at Cannes (2009), a BAFTA award for Best Film (2010), and a wealth of 17 other award wins among 22 nominations.

“The film is a strong addition to the English filmmaking tradition of welfare-class humanist melancholy where the state of the dishes in the kitchen sink tells us all we need to know about the emotional arc of the characters. Arnold gives us reason to hope that once Mia escapes the fish tank of her shabby council flat she will learn to swim in open water, but she provides no guarantees.”
– COLIN COVERT (Star Tribune)

Cinema Oubliette: FISH TANK
Tuesday Nov 12th, 8:30pm
PWYC donations will be accepted (and encouraged!)

Cinema Oubliette is a monthly film series dedicated to overlooked cinema. Each month we screen a hidden gem in the heart of the gallery, complete with snacks and post-screening dialogue.

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2. Love Story (2011)
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