August 16-26 David Creed: "I'm Compatible"

IBM Compatible shows the transition of how our sight has adjusted to a whole new view, of ourselves and 
surroundings, caused by the ever changing landscape of technology.  
Also recognizing the simple history of when the wave began. 
We have had to become compatible ever since it entered our homes         
The change was subtle in the beginning and has rapidly mutated our way of living over the past 3 decades.
It has changed us....
This is how we get see the world now...this is how technology has changed the way we see.
The computer's screen has been burned deeply into the back of our minds one line at a time.
It has inundated most of our lives...We cannot escape its optic waves.

Opening Reception: Thursday August 16th, 2018 from 5:00pm to 11:30pm

Screening of LoopDeLoop Animation's latest collection lower floor on the 16th.

Check out more of David Creed's work on his Instagram @dcreedart

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