Aug 24 - Sept 3 Farrah Akbarali: "Autobiography: Volume 1"

Farrah Akbarali’s conceptually driven series of ink line drawings speak loudly to her audience through the use of scale and energetically infused lines which hold memories and meditations; all of which have had a large impact on her practice. 

Line by line, the images are built-up so that the final pieces vibrate with energy. Each drawing is imbued with her thoughts, meditations, memories, and visualizations. Seemingly delicate objects are enlarged offering new perspectives to shape what is seen and felt. Akbarali describes her line drawings as ‘lyrical, metaphorical and even spiritual.’  Inspiration is found through music, literature and meditating. The sounds of the notes create a resonating vibration. The lines are the strings that strum vibrations into the soul, representing a story and an experience. Akbarali’s work is almost always a psychoanalytical or spiritual journey. The viewer is invited to explore any or all the lines of memory and meditation. The drawings are an offering and invitation on how to see beyond the surface. They serve as metaphors for life, people, interconnected relationships, and personal narratives.

Drawing from her deep connection with nature, Akbarali is motivated by the beauty that nature offers and is fascinated by the strength of the Lily.  For her, an entire universe is found in a single petal. As in the words of Georgia O’Keefe, "If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for a moment". A friend noted how the lilies represent a true reflection of herself. Realizing then, that what she drew and the way she drew them came completely from within and was an open and honest expression of how she feels, sees herself and her place in the world. Currently, she has experimented with a series of smaller drawings whereby creating a story about the perseverance of nature as a metaphor for the human spirit. Ultimately, Akbarali’s work is an invitation calling upon others to be spectators on her journey. 

Farrah Akbarali is a Toronto based Fine Artist. She holds a Bachelor of Design from OCAD University and an Executive Certificate from Sotheby's UK. 

Her work has been collected and exhibited around the world.

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