Aug. 19-31 Group Show: Family Lines

Family Lines

Optimism can be a gift of choice, maintaining positivity in a world so much changed in the way family and friends were allowed to connect with one another. We may have grown apart, moved away, raising new families, seeing our children becoming young adults; all the while our only way of reaching those we care about has been through social media posts and video calls.

As we begin to reopen our lives into a new semblance of normal, this is a wonderful time to share, even a little bit, what we have been up to, through art.

Family Lines offers a small glimpse, a diary of our recent past, and an opportunity to reconnect through joy. Watching our children take on some artistic endeavor during this time, is both fulfilling and beautiful. Why not a time to share with everyone these moments of brightness.

Thank you & Welcome for coming! To all visitors, this is a showcase of individuals of great talent and kind hearts. Seeing what others have done in their pursuit of positive steps with the hope we all encounter every day, as we all move forward, together, into the beautiful new.

Artists in Show:

Rachel Babineau
Deidre Tremblay
Ellie Olacke

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