Modern Living!/At Dusk

Blair McLean and Joyce Lau are artists from Toronto. The vision for their two-person show came about with their love for stark lines and dueling perceptions on the environment. Whether through intricate detailing in architectural structures with the use of a torch, or fine lines extracted from paper unveiling the feathers of a bird, McLean and Lau’s works invite and entice viewers to take a closer look.

Modern Living!
Blair McLean

Modern living! Almost no imagination required!  Landscapes, modern design, abstract art and architecture. Eco-inspired living.

Life. You can say the word softly like a warm embrace. You can also say it harshly like you have been scammed once again. I never stop wondering why we carry on. But once I burn, paint, or carve a vertical or horizontal line I am suddenly a part of a process. For a time my life comes together. And hopefully something wonderful is made. 

A selection of my modern pyrography from my 2012 and 2013 collections. 

At Dusk
Joyce Lau

Living in the city, I often crave to be closer to nature. The environment of Toronto only allows for a small dose of wildlife and exotic flora, so I let my imagination, memories, and knowledge of what lies beyond my immediate sphere of earthly creations to inspire my works. At the same time, I take notice on a daily basis of the collision of the earth with that which has been bestowed by man. With this body of work, I wanted to examine how humankind intersects with the natural world. Laced with an esoteric presence, the pieces further allude to moments captured when the sun sets. Drawing on my love of photography, iconography, rock and roll, and all things hand-made, At Dusk is also a reflection of my curiosity with textures and my re-conceptualization of traditional techniques.

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